How to order easily
in 10 steps ?

Your order is checked by us before we prepare it because there are so many possibilities and
we want to avoid all mistakes.

After all, every garment we embroider is a ‘unique’ piece.
If you have any questions…email or call us or +32 479 715 900

1. Choosing the embroidery

Write down the NUMBER of the image you want + state the breed of dog.

2. Front or back embroidery?

All garments show the price of ONLY the garment.
A small embroidery (B) for the front costs € 15
A larger one for the back costs €35 for a C, and €40 for a D size.
So, B is for front left or right,
C and D are for the back.
Of course it is possible to choose a small and a large embroidery

Please note!
Not all images are available in all sizes!
Format C and D is only possible on the back!

3. Choose your clothes.

On the ‘CLOTHING’ page, choose the garment you want the embroidery on.

Note the NAME of the garment as well as the COLOR.

4. What size?

Please specify what size you want the clothing in.

XS – S – M – L – XL – XXL – 3XXL – 4XL – 5XL – 6XL

Please note!
Not all clothing is available in all sizes. In the description next to the clothing it is always mentioned in which sizes they are available.

5. Where do you want the embroidery?

Indicate where on the clothing you want the embroidery.

Left front
Normal and possible with size B
(Unless e.g. an inside pocket prevents it).

Right front
Possible with size B

Best option for size C and D

Of course, it is also possible to place a small embroidery in the front and a large embroidery in the back.

6. Do you want text below or above the embroidery?

Text under or around an embroidery is also possible.

So you can have the name of your dog, kennel or a web address at
the embroidery. Placing text with an image is FREE as long as it is not too much.

Little text = Good readability

7. Address and phone number

Do not forget to mention your ADDRESS + PHONE NUMBER
so that your order can reach you as soon as possible.

8. Payment

Indicate on the form your preference of payment, Bank card or bank transfer.

After checking your order we will send you the appropriate payment link.
As soon as we receive your payment your order will be prepared and shipped as soon as possible.

9. Shipping

Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg – Germany : € 9,-
France : € 15,-
Other countries EU : € 20,-
UK – Switzerland : € 25,-
Other countries on request.

Of course you can also pick up your order in Moerbeke- Waas or on one of the events where we are present.

10. Send us the completed order form and we will get started.

If you follow all the steps it is quite easy to fill out the form. If you still have questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone
0479 715 900.

Submit order:

Payment I want to make via :

If the chosen clothing is in stock, the order can be with you within 10 business days.
Remember that these embroideries still need to be done.
After all, each garment embroidered at Bobijn & Bobine is unique.

Thank you in advance for your order!