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Stitch is all we do....

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Embroidery in small and big quantities

This site is copyright protected ©
No image, text or parts of it may be copied without permission of the owner.


This site is copyright protected © No image, text or parts of it may be copied without permission of the owner.

Bobijn & Bobine

Debrouwer Gerrit

Pereboomsteenweg 6

9180 Moerbeke-Waas

+32 9 346 73 60



How to order ?

Follow these 10 steps and e-mail the result to Bobijn & Bobine

Choosing the Design


Note the number of the design and the breed in case of dogs.


How big do you want the embroidery?



Note! Not all designs are available in all 5 sizes. Size D and E are best on the backside of the clothing.


Choosen your clothing!


Choose ‘Clothing’ and note the NAME and COLOR of your disered clothing.



Note wich size you want.

XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL - 3XL - 4XL - 5XL - 6XL

Attention!: Not all clothing is available in all sizes.  


Wich Size?


Where do you want the embroidery?


Do you want to add some text?


Note where you want the embroidery on your clothing.

Front Left (most normal and possible in sizes  A-B-C)

Right Front (possible sizes A-B-C)

Backside (best size D of E)

Tip! : Of course it’s possible to choose for a small size on the front and a big one on the back.


You can place some text under or arround the embroidery. Aditional text is FREE of charge as long as it isn’t a half page of text.

Tip!!! The less text, the bigger it appears.


Adress en Telephone number.


Don’t forget to put your adress and telephone number in the e-mail.




Send your E-mail with your order to us and we will send you the right bankaccount where you can do your payment. As soon as we get your payment we will prepare your order and send it ASAP to you.




In Belgium  : € 5,-

Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg : € 10,-

Other countries of the EU : € 15,-

Rest off the world : € 25,-


This is how your order (e-mail) has to look like.


As you can see, it’s pretty easy to order your favorite clothing with embroidery on our website. Because we don’t have a direct ordering system it is also 100% save.


Mail your order to Bobijn & Bobine and if the disered clothing is in stock, you will receive your order within 10 days. Don’t forget that we have to prepare your order, every item we ship is personalised and a unique piece of clothing.


We thank you for your order!

xx €

xx €

Price clothing

including small embroidery
front (A-B)

Price clothes
including large embroidery (D-E)

By every clothing there are 2 prices indicated. One is with a small embroidery on the front, and the other one with a big embroidery on the back.  

A, B and C are to the front

C-D-E are possible on the back

Of course you can choose an embroidery on the back and ad one to the front. (+15 euro)